Teaching Philosophy #1: “Ah Ha” Discoveries for Network Marketers

“You not only sponsor a person, you sponsor THEIR INFLUENCE.”

“Learning how to INVITE, and do it WELL, is the #1 real secret to success.”

“Understanding the ‘true flow’ in Network Marketing is crucial. There is a time to SPRINT. There is a time to BUILD. There also is a time to REST. Rest time allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created; no matter what the level of success you achieve.”

“Be the CONDUIT. Be the perfect channel for conveying ANSWERS, INFORMATION, TRAINING, TIPS. Your time is the most valuable asset you have. As the conduit, you do not create everything. You do not reinvent the wheel or anything that is already done and working just fine. As a conduit, you convey or communicate where to find answers. As a conduit, you transmit. As a conduit, you distribute.”

“Duplication is the key to massive growth and enormous financial, time and lifestyle independence.”



My family is my motivation. They keep me grounded, they challenge me and they fuel the fire within me. 

I have a strong, confident, and beautiful woman by my side. I couldn't be more grateful for her loving and nurturing soul. 

I also have 7 amazing kids that make my world go round. Creating memories with them is what I live for.